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Biden Announces More Billions To Ukraine As Americans Sour On War

Yesterday the Biden Administration announced yet another military aid package to Ukraine including yet more powerful weapons. This comes as…
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Why Is Washington So Openly Releasing Details Of Armored Vehicle Shipment To Ukraine?

A US Pentagon agency has released photos and details of the loading and shipment of Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine…
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Who Was Really Behind The ‘Russian Disinformation’ Hoax?

The latest “Twitter Files” release was a bombshell, detailing how a group of neocons got together to falsify information about…
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The Real Disinformation Was The ‘Russia Disinformation’ Hoax

By Ron Paul Thanks to the latest release of the “Twitter Files,” we now know without a doubt that the…
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Why Does Our Government Lie About Inflation?

If government lies about Covid and the vaccines, lies about the reasons for wars and how the wars are going,…
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Zelensky: ‘Thanks For The Tanks…Now GIMME Missiles And F-16s!’

Less than a day after the US and Germany agreed to give heavy tanks, Ukraine’s president Zelensky again upped the…
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German Foreign Minister: ‘We Are At War With Russia…’

With the sudden about-face of the US and Germany on sending heavy tanks to Ukraine, the world finds itself bizarrely…
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Ukraine Rocked By Massive Corruption Scandal – But Who’s Really To Blame?

A massive scandal has rocked all levels of government in Ukraine, from local mayors all the way up to the…
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Mainstream Media Scrambles As Covid Narrative Crumbles

The Wall Street Journal has published a blistering takedown of vaccine manufacturers and the Biden Administration for what it claims…
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Debt Ceiling Hysteria and Hypocrisy

By Ron Paul ​This week the US government reached its 31.4 trillion dollars borrowing limit, better known as the “debt…
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Wisconsin Activist Group Tells Republican Politicians Either Decertify Soon or Plan to Be Removed from Office

Dr. Haider Explains How The Vaccines Are Keeping The Pandemic Going And Adding To The Death Count

RNC EXCLUSIVE! Wisconsin Governor Candidate Johnathon Wickmann announces his bid for Lieutenant Governor. He explanes his Decision.


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